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RNP 0.12.0 released

Author’s picture Ronald Tse on 14 Jan 2019


Added support for extra ECC curves (Brainpool p256, p384, p512, secp256k1, x25519).

Extended FFI with AEAD support and a bunch of examples.

CLI functionality extended with -f command, allowing to use the key loaded from a file.

  • We now require Botan 2.8+.

  • Fixed key grip calculations for various key types.

  • Fixed SM2 signatures hashing the hash of the message. See comment in issue #436.

  • Added support for G10 ECC keys.

  • Fixed dumping of partial-length packets.

  • Added support for extra ECC curves:

    • Brainpool p256, p384, p512 ECDSA/ECDH

    • secp256k1 ECDSA/ECDH

    • x25519

  • Fixed AEAD with newer versions of Botan.

  • Removed a lot of legacy code.


  • rnp: Added -f/--keyfile option to load keys directly from a file.

  • rnp: Fixed issue with selecting G10 secret keys via userid.

  • rnpkeys: Added support for SM2 with arbitrary hashes.

  • redumper: Added -g option to dump fingerprints and grips.

  • redumper: Display key id/fingerprint/grip in packet listings.


  • Added FFI examples.

  • Fixed a regression with loading subkeys directly.

  • Implemented support for per-signature hash and creation/expiration time.

  • Added AEAD support.