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RNP proposal for Google's Season of Docs 2021

Improving RNP documentation through GSoD 2021!

Author’s picture Ronald Tse on 26 Mar 2021

RNP 0.14.0 released

After a long delay the next version of the library and CLI was released. Major FFI, CLI and security improvements and compatibility fixes. Also now it can be built for Windows via MSVC and MinGW/MSYS2.

21 Jan 2021

RNP 0.13.0 released

Next version of the RNP library extends FFI and CLI interfaces, giving more flexibility and control to the user.

03 Jan 2020

RNP 0.12.0 released

Added support for extra ECC curves (Brainpool p256, p384, p512, secp256k1, x25519). Extended FFI with AEAD support and a bunch of examples. CLI functionality extended with -f command, allowing to use the key loaded from a file.

14 Jan 2019

RNP 0.11.0 released

This update improves key import/merge operations and support for automating S2K iterations calculation.

17 Sep 2018

RNP 0.10.0 released

After a year since it stemmed off NetPGP, the OpenPGP library shares little code in common with its ancestor. Enjoy new features, better performance, and better compatibility with other implementations.