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RNP version 0.15 released

Author’s picture Nickolay Olshevsky on 05 Apr 2021

RNP v0.15 has been released on 2021-04-04, providing API, CLI and FFI improvements.


  • Added CMake options to allow offline builds, i.e. without Googletest/ruby-rnp downloads.

  • Removed major library version from the library name (librnp-0.{so,dll}librnp.{so,dll}).

  • Improved handling of cleartext signatures, when empty line between headers and contents contains some whitespace characters.

  • Relaxed requirements for the armored messages CRC (allow absence of the CRC, and issue warning instead of complete failure).

  • Updated build instructions for MSVC.

  • Improved support of 32-bit platforms (year 2038 problem).


  • Added up-to-date manual pages for rnp and rnpkeys.

  • rnpkeys: added --remove-key command.


  • Added up-to-date manual page for librnp.

  • Added function rnp_signature_remove

  • Added function rnp_uid_remove

  • Added function rnp_key_remove_signatures for batch signature removal and filtering.