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RNP version 0.15.2 released

Author’s picture Nickolay Olshevsky on 06 Aug 2021

The latest release of RNP v0.15.2 on 2021-08-05 provides compatibility and security improvements.


  • Be less strict in userid validation: allow to use userids with self-signature, which has key expiration in the past.

  • Do not mark signature as invalid if key which produced it is expired now, but was valid during signing.

  • Fix incorrect key expiration calculation in some cases.

  • Fix incorrect version number in the version.txt.


  • Add function rnp_key_get_default_key() to pick the default key/subkey for the specific operation.

  • Allow to pass NULL hash parameter to rnp_key_add_uid() to pick the default one.

  • Use the same approach as in rnp_op_encrypt_add_recipient() for encryption subkey selection in rnp_key_export_autocrypt().


  • rnp: Show error message if encryption failed.

  • rnpkeys : Add --expiration option to specify expiration time during key generation.