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RNP version 0.16.0 released

Author’s picture Nickolay Olshevsky on 20 Jan 2022

The latest release of RNP v0.16.0 adds support for OpenSSL backend and security profiles, as well as improved security and compatibility with other implementations.

Other fixes and improvements:

  • Ability to disable certain features via compile-time switches (ENABLE_AEAD, ENABLE_SM2, etc.)

  • Mark signatures with SHA1/MD5 hash, produced after the specific date (2019-01-19 and 2012-01-01) as invalid

  • Fixed possible incompatibility with GnuPG on x25519 secret key export

  • Fixed export of non-FFI symbols from

  • Fixed key expiration time calculation in some edge cases

  • Added security profile manipulation functions to the FFI

  • Improved CLI tools help messages

  • Improved CLI: stdin/stdout/env input/output specifiers, --notty for batch processing, etc.

Full changelog is available at the RNP v0.16.0 release page