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RNP version 0.16.1 released

Author’s picture Nickolay Olshevsky on 06 Sep 2022

Major new feature of RNP v0.16.1 is support for OpenSSL 3.0, allowing to build and use it on RHEL 9/Fedora 36 out of the box.

Other fixes and improvements:

  • More flexible SHA1 signature handling, allowing to distinguish between key and data signatures. By default support for SHA1 key signatures is extended till 2024-01-19.

  • Optional raw encryption, allowing to encrypt already signed data

  • Option to override current timestamp

  • Do not fail completely on packets with unknown versions

  • Automatic backend’s feature detection during the build

  • Optional import/export of base64-encoded keys (for Autocrypt headers)

  • Default 2-year key expiration time

Full changelog is available at the RNP v0.16.1 release page